Sing Australia Membership Details

Sing Australia singing groups are ‘choirs’ with a difference. There are no auditions, there is no pressure, there is no requirement to be able to read music. It is just lots of fun! Maybe you would like to sing, but haven't got around to it because you:

  • have been told by others not to sing
  • are too shy to sing, even if people tell you that you have a great voice
  • think you are not good enough to join a singing group
  • don't know your voice type
  • haven't much time
  • thought there were no opportunities to sing
  • cannot read music
  • are a bloke and you think that singing is not for blokes

A Sing Australia group might be just what you are looking for! Sing Australia gives you the opportunity to sing with like-minded people whenever you can find the time to come along.

Join this nationwide network of friends today by giving us a call or sending us an email. We look forward to hearing from you!

You can also go to the group nearest to where you live and simply attend a rehearsal. You can join in with the singing right away or just listen until you feel more confident. You will certainly be made welcome!

There are many other ways you can get involved with Sing Australia today. You could be a member, an instigator, a leader, a conductor, or an accompanist.

You can go to the Sing Australia group nearest to where you live and simply attend a rehearsal. You can just show up or you may call first, to ascertain the address and rehearsal time. You will be made welcome and you will be provided with a songbook for the night. Don't feel pressured to sing though, if you just want to listen that is fine. We have a tea break during the group rehearsal, which gives you the opportunity to socialise and meet the friendly and encouraging people from Sing Australia.

If you like what you have experienced and wish to join Sing Australia, an annual membership fee of $110 is due 21 days from your first visit. This fee covers the overall administration of the network, the public liability with gigs and performances and the copyrights of the songs we sing. A reduced annual membership of $77 applies to pensioners, $33 for second member of a pensioner couple, and free for full time students.

There are reduced fees for members of groups in areas suffering extreme hardship (e.g. drought affected areas). Your leader will advise you of discounted subscription for your group. Special circumstance eligibility is reviewed on an annual basis.

An invoice is sent annually a few days before your subscription becomes due. Renewing members are required to pay their subscription within 28 days of the due date.

There is no pressure to attend every Sing Australia group rehearsal, just come when you can and have fun singing! There is a small charge for attending a singing group to cover the venue rental, the conductor and the accompanist fees. You only pay this when you attend.

You can join this nationwide network of friends online or by clicking the Join Today button on the top right corner of the website or collecting a Membership Application Form from the Leader of your group. We look forward to hearing from you!


Membership Annual Subscriptions

Sing Australia is based on a user-pay-principle.  If you become a member of Sing Australia, you pay an annual membership fee of $110, which is due 21 days from your first visit to a group rehearsal.  A partner of a full fee paying member will only pay $66.

Pensioners pay a special rate of $77. A pensioner partner of a full fee paying pensioner member will only pay $33. Full-time students can join for free. Your pensioner/student card number will need to be included on your membership form.

There are reduced fees for members of groups in areas of disadvantage (e.g. drought affected areas). Your leader will advise you of any discounted subscription for your group. Special circumstance eligibility is reviewed on an annual basis.

The annual fee generally covers the overall management of the network, a performance licence for each group, the public liability insurance covering all groups for practices, gigs and performances and the copyright of the songs we sing.

Do I have to audition to be in a Sing Australia Group?

No. The Sing Australia Groups are totally inclusive. We want people to feel completely welcome to participate based on their love of singing. The Sing Australia concept is that everyone is equal in their desire to sing and that is the basis for the formation of the groups. It is a non-critical and non-judgemental approach to singing. Allowing everyone the freedom to express themselves with their singing voices is very important.

Will I be able to join a Sing Australia Group if I cannot read music?

Yes - most certainly. Reading music is a helpful tool but it is not essential. The music performed by the Sing Australia groups is well rehearsed providing good opportunity to learn the notes without being able to read them. Practicing hearing is also a good tool for learning and performing music. Some people can learn music just as quickly by hearing the notes as reading them. They can most certainly memorise just as quickly, if not quicker, than sight readers. The main thing is to come prepared to just enjoy yourself.

Do I have to attend Group Every Week?

No. The concept of Sing Australia Groups is to make it possible for people to attend when they can. It is appreciated that most people lead busy lives and it is not always possible to keep to a weekly commitment. Some people have extended leave for several months involving overseas trips and they are always welcomed back to group.

Do I have to perform at Gigs?

No. We realise that some people find it difficult to perform in public and so there is no obligation to do so. The only requirement that we do have is that people performing at gigs must attend a sufficient number of rehearsals to be prepared.

Do I have to know my voice type to join a Sing Australia Group?

No. While we do work on some part singing we allow people the opportunity to place themselves in a voice type (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass) that makes it easiest for them. In time we have found that most people discover their voice type when they understand more about their voice. We can assist in the process of helping people to determine their voice type but it is not one we rush into.

Can I obtain further instruction on Singing to assist with my involvement in a Sing Australia Group?

Yes. The Leaders of the groups will either assist you directly in providing singing lessons individually or in classes or refer you to a Singing Teacher.

What are the costs of joining Sing Australia?

To become a member of Sing Australia, you pay an annual membership fee of $110, which is due 21 days from your first visit of a choir rehearsal. Pension card holders are entitled to a reduced rate of $77. If a pensioner couple joins together, the second member will only pay $33. Your aged pension card will have to be sighted by the group leader before you are entitled to the pensioner rate. Full time tertiary/school students are complementary. Students are required to provide verification of their eligibility to the group leader. There are reduced fees for members of groups in areas suffering extreme hardship (e.g. drought affected areas). Your leader will advise you of the discounted subscription for your group. Special circumstance eligibility is reviewed on an annual basis. The annual fee covers the overall administration of the network, a performance licence for each group, the public liability insurance covering all groups for gigs and performances and the copyright of the songs we sing. There is also a group attendance charge which is paid at the time of attending a group rehearsal. This is approximately $7.00 per week. This charge covers the cost of an accompanist, conductor, venue hire and group administrative overheads. The proceeds of this charge are managed by the Group Leader. There is an optional Discounted Songbook Package

Do I have to buy all of the songbooks immediately?

It is essential initially to buy the Songbook which your group is predominantly using. Your group leader will be able to advise you of this. Ultimately, each member should buy the full range of Songbooks for use at rehearsals and performances, and to enable personal practice. Special packages are available which provide significant cost savings.

What if I'm tone deaf?

Tone-deafness is a contentious matter. It often presumes a permanent problem, whereas in our opinion in most cases it is simply due to a lack of experience in singing and therefore in tuning to what you are hearing. You might be surprised to discover that you can sing in tune with encouragement and a few tips. This has been the experience of many who have joined Sing Australia. But one thing is for sure: you will never tune up if you don't sing!

Many members of Sing Australia claim that being a part of the Sing Australia network really has changed their lives for the better. They have made lots of new friends, they have been traveling around Australia and overseas, they feel fitter and healthier and they look forward to their singing nights every week. Many say that being in Sing Australia has been of enormous support to them through difficult times.

Congratulations on the new website, it is most impressive.
Kay Ruscoe
Co-Leader Northam
Tue, 11 Sep
Friendship Interaction with others who have a shared love of singing Family/Care/Support
Bruce Rowe
Southern Highlands
Sun, 02 Sep
New friendships with caring people and caring for people who need friends Meeting up and making new friends at National Gatherings and State Gatherings A feeling of being on a high after Monday nights practice and singing in the car on the way home. Great all round!!
Margaret Scott
Sunshine Coast
Sun, 02 Sep
Dear Colin and all involved in the Canberra National Gathering. I have just returned home from the National Gathering (had a week in NSW) and would like to say a huge thank you for this wonderful event. It is the first National Gathering I have attended and I was so impressed with all the work and commitment that went in to making it such a great success. I don't know what I thought was the best part because I loved every minute of it. THANK YOU.
Jenny Lambert
Thu, 24 Oct
I have had another most enjoyable year with this Hastings Sing Australia group. with all the music books we have a great selections of songs to sing. What is special about this group is the close bond of friendship and companionship between the members. Always so supportive of each other and no one is left out. Best Wishes for the coming year and thanks to Colin for having the vision to start and put Sing Australia together on such a firm foundation.
Enid Dawson
Thu, 07 Mar
To Colin Slater and the wonderful team of Sing Australia, I attended the Gathering in Canberra earlier this month and I just want to say many thanks for the fantastic event. Everything from the program, the catering, the hospitality and the entertainment was brilliant and a very hearty congratulations to you all.
Celeste Sweeney
Thu, 24 Oct
As an asthmatic singing improves my health, lungs and breathing National Gatherings are a huge enjoyment as are overseas tours
Geraldine Currie
Batemans Bay
Sun, 02 Sep
Dear Colin and all the hardworking staff at Sing Australia, This is just a little not of thank you and appreciation for organising the wonderful National Gathering in Canberra this year. This was the first time I had attended a National Gathering and I found it such a heart warming and uplifting experience as well as tons of fun. I met some lovely people from other states in Australia and made new friends. I will have fond memories of this event for a long time. I am already planning so I can attend the National Gathering next year. A very big thank you to all of you, you are amazing.
Petina Sewell
Swan Valley
Thu, 24 Oct
Having overcome my fears & misgiving after much prompting & encouragement from my wife Joan I ventured to the Midway Point Community Hall recently & within a week I signed up with Sing Australia Sorell. The welcome I received was overwhelming in a most genuine expression of friendship. I was made to feel at home. The encouragement to find my voice – to immediately participate in the rehearsal sight & sound unknown... I have very quickly attended; The Quadrant Retirement Lifestyle Expo @ Wrest Point & the Regional Gathering @ Launceston. Both “Gigs” were enjoyable with the Regional gathering a not to be a missed experience. What a “ baptism of fire “.... but the warm genuine personalities of all the attendees soon had my nerves under control – my shirt was wet through & the joyful tears I shed uncontrollable. ( This happens at rehearsals too....). The musicality of all shines through. The leaders, accompanists & conductors are truly musicians of in depth learning & performance. All done with the music as the number one.. no personal ego’s... willing to patiently instruct all. Their love of music shines on us all. My spirits have been lifted. Thank you all. Kindest thoughts, Dean M Koch, Sorell Tasmania
Dean Koch
Sun, 09 Mar
When my father died in 1935 he left my mum with three children aged two,four, and six. My Mum was a pianist who had trained at the Conservatorium of Music and we as kids listened to both Classical and modern music all the time. Knowing she had to support her family as best she could mum taught the piano, formed a dance band and played for dances both in town for the locals and at the Canteen for the young airforce men who trained at Coota during the war. Playing the violin for my mum in her band began for me from the age of forteen or fifteen (her violinist left to marry and move away) However I fell in love with a gorgeous blue eyed gentle man who did not have much idea of music and when we married I gave up playing. My love of music stayed with me and when one day my Jack said “We are going to do something together tonight” I said “Are we? What are we going to do”? and he replied “Go to Sing Australia” I said “but I can’t sing” he talked me around and we have been singing ever since. It has been so good to have music in our lives, Jack enjoys it so much and it has been wonderful for both of us. Dot Woodman Member ID 5573 Sing Australia Cootamundra 2590. Nov 5th 2012
Dot Woodman
Mon, 05 Nov