Come and join us and put a song in your heart...

Sing Australia groups are groups with a difference. There are no auditions, there is no pressure, there is no requirement to be able to read music. It is just lots of fun! Maybe you would like to sing, but haven't got around to it because you:
  • have been told by others not to sing
  • are too shy to sing, even if people tell you that you have a great voice
  • think you are not good enough to join a singing group
  • don't know your voice type
  • haven't much time
  • thought there were no opportunities to sing
  • cannot read music
  • are a bloke and you think that singing is not for blokes

A Sing Australia group might be just what you are looking for! Sing Australia gives you the opportunity to sing with like-minded people whenever you can find the time to come along. Join this nationwide network of friends today by clicking on the orange 'group' button to find the group closest to where you live - there you will find details on where the group meets etc. and a contact phone number for the leader of the group for more details. Or you can simply attend a rehearsal. You can join in with the singing right away or just listen until you feel more confident. You will certainly be made welcome!  Please note the orange 'group' button is located on the top row of buttons on the front page of the website.