A Day of Remembrance shared with Gordon and Ashbury


A solemn service was held at Roseville Uniting Church to remember our loved ones. The Solace groups from the suburbs of Miranda and Roseville welcomed the Gordon and Ashbury Sing Australia groups to the Solace 15th Annual Commemorative Service.

            The service featured a key note speaker, Marie, that reminded us all not to question why they left us but to take the "HY" from that word to remind us of the word "Happy". We should be remembering how the person that was dear to us made us happy, the good times that we shared and what we learnt from them.

The songs sung to the congregation were "Morning has Broken", Why we Sing", "Wings” and “The Olive Tree”. It was wonderful to hear the Gordon and Ashbury groups singing so well in unison with virtually no practice together.

            The New South Wales President Ken Sutherland conducted the "Lighting of the Candle Ceremony" in  which members came forward to light a candle for their loved one to remember them by. The Sing Australia groups were also invited to join in to light a candle for those we had recently lost. The Ashbury group remembered Ray Cullen and Margaret Prater.

            Mr Sutherland thanked the groups for our part in the service, commenting that it lifted the mood of the moment and harmonised well with the service.  He hoped that we would continue to support their groups in upcoming events as a mutually-benefitting relationship of non profit organisations. We look forward to participating in their annual Solace service next year, and for Ashbury and Gordon to continue their rewarding association in singing.

A Day of Remembrance shared with Gordon and Ashbury