The WA Gathering | A brilliant success


Themed as floral most people came with some kind of floral representation to our dinner in the Swan Valley Yacht Club last Saturday night - 150 in all from many groups around WA  - Bridgetown, Busselton, Dalyellup, Fremantle, Geraldton, Morawa, Northam, Rockingham, Roleystone, Sorrento – Duncraig and Swan Valley.

The evening took the form of dining, singing and dancing. A usual fun Sing Australia event.

Chris Browne and Rod Cooling, the State Coordinators welcomed everyone and National Director, Colin Slater, thanked those who travelled long distances in being there. He also introduced the great band duo called ‘Nearly Famous’. They were perfect for the function playing a whole lot of 60s style music that had the large dance floor filled every time they played.

Carmelina Clifton- James, the Leader and Conductor of the Busselton group demonstrated her amazing versatility in provided piano accompaniment for the singing.  Rosemary Wells, another very versatile and talented musician, also the Leader of one of our newest groups in Bridgetown accompanied a few songs as well.

It was a fun night. All the blokes present got up and gave a stirring rendition of ‘Love me Tender’.

The leaders, accompanists and conductors were called out to the front so that they could be acknowledged for all their good work.

The tables were beautifully decorated with very attractive boxed flowers. A few conductors had the fun of conducting from the stage. Bronwyn Davey, the Leader and Conductor of Swan Valley got right into the spirit of costuming in making a very creative outfit-hat and all and it was fun for her to conduct – ‘It don’t mean a thing’.  Pam Gribble, the new conductor of Fremantle also conducted. We had an impromptu dancing demonstration of what was thought to be the ‘Beguine’. Whether it was the beguine or not didn’t really matter. It looked pretty good. So we all decided it was.  The whole night was all good fun. The singing was ‘full on’ and enormously enjoyable. Terrific night. Big thanks to Chris Browne for all her work in preparing the night, Tim Davies from Head Office for coordinating aspects of the events and Rod Cooling for assisting with the liaison with groups. 


Mon, 04/03/2013