Dear Leaders and Members

Margaret and Mardi and I would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas. I know this greeting just rolls off the tongue at this time of the year but be assured we are thinking of you all more than ever. It has been, for many, a long hard and tedious slog. We do hope that you will be able to spend some happy and precious times with your family and friends.

Feeling the spirit of the Christmas season, engaging in the songs and the festive cheer is just the best medicine right now isn’t it? It puts a lot of things into perspective. There are certainly a lot more smiles and a bit of a spring in our step.

Of course we know that for some it is sadly not like this. There are those who have a heightened sense of loneliness at this time for all sorts of reasons and  circumstances. While I am sure you do this anyway it is worth making the suggestion that if you know of anyone like this in our membership perhaps now is the time to reach out to them even with a caring note or message.

One of the sobering aspects of approaching the last two Christmas seasons is that we have all come to appreciate that we are still living in uncertain times and that we are still unable to get the dreaded COVID word out of our conversation as much as we would like. The pandemic still looms as a threat to our well laid plans and may well for some time. We just need to place our well being as the highest priority and we will continue to get through this.   Speaking of those to consider we must surely spare a thought for the massive contribution of all the health workers. Their efforts have been most extraordinary.

As for Sing Australia – what can I say? You are all amazing, You have shown great support for the organisation. You have shown enormous care for each other. The Leaders and their teams have been brilliant. Getting out into the community again with your singing has provided much needed reconnection and inspiration. I am sure when we can back into a more normal rhythm we will see members returning to singing practices with enthusiasm. Hopefully this will attract more people to join.

A member recently questioned me as to why I refer to our weekly meetings as practices. It was a good question and I promised him that I would share my answer with you all. This is how I have always seen it and this was my answer. In my view every time we sing, especially in a more concerted way, we are practicing. We will always be adjusting our voice as we get older and as we try new repertoire. We will always improve just by singing. We will always be learning something about our singing until the day we stop. The conductors will often provide exercises. We will be learning new songs and maybe memorising words. Everything we do with our singing is a practice and when we perform – it is work in progress. Always.

We are super thankful and proud of the wonderful people who lead our groups and we are certainly proud of our members. Do have a wonderful Christmas. May it be safe and a time for refreshment and renewal.

Margaret, Mardi, Di  and Gian join me in wishing you a very Happy and safe Christmas


Head Office wishes you a Happy Christmas

Colin Slater OAM CF    Founder and National Director