My wish is that the gorgeous and vibrant colour of the Iris will be an omen for a new year full of hope and exciting opportunities.  I am also showing that one of those opportunities might be to move towards a new uniform at some stage. This would be a gradual introduction of a Polo shirt of the colour of the Iris depicted. When it becomes available members could purchase it at their leisure. It will compliment the current uniform so there will be no pressure to buy it straight up. However a new uniform would give us a refreshing approach to a recovery from a challenging year.
All the best everyone.
Kind Regards

Welcome to Sing Australia

When you join a Sing Australia group, you are welcomed with open arms and ears to sing in any way you are able. We believe that singing is for everybody who has a voice – it s a primal expression connecting us to each other, our history, our stories, our struggles, our memories and our future hopes. Every voice is beautiful and is cherished in Sing Australia. Studies have shown that singing releases endorphins that can give us energy and lower stress levels and that singing together contributes to our experience of wellbeing, social inclusion and connection. Your Sing Australia group connects you to others in your community, giving you the opportunity to build new friendships and support networks. In Sing Australia, we value and promote these health and wellbeing benefits and believe we can be a great source of positivity, health and joy in your life.