I can’t believe it!  Time – a strange indefatigable aspect of life, of everything we know, have done and will do. It just presses on!  Second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, year by year – no stopping. Well, we can stop and think about it but the seconds and minutes roll by while we are pondering, time never to be repeated. Thus, the Geoffrey Chaucer proverb ‘Time and tide wait for no man’ emphasizing that people cannot stop the passing of time. We should therefore not hesitate in doing things that we hope for. In looking to 2024 in Sing Australia we should look for the opportunities that progress our organisation. Opportunities that not only take us through another year but opportunities that can be perpetuated for many years to come with all the promise of success and through the inevitable difficulties. Albert Einstein always had some wise words about that. He said ‘In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity’. I also love this encouraging quote from Mahatma Gandhi that stirs us on to remain resolute in our goals and in our dreams – He said ‘Be the change that you wish to see in the world’. I do love that. I reckon we are certainly contributing to a change in the world.

A glimpse into 2024

When we (Head Office) reopen on 16 January, and I can’t wait, it will be full steam ahead. Regardless of future administrative changes, Sing Australia will head into the year with great optimism and promise.  Please be excited. Please get on with your gigs, get on with your membership drives. Get on! In the meantime, continue to enjoy your break. BTW our thoughts go out to all those who have been severely affected by the horrendous weather in various parts of Australia.  We do hope you are OK.

We will continue to tour

I am looking forward very much to our next tour to Norfolk Island (NI) in April. NI is always special. It has become such a wonderful and positive connection with the people of Norfolk Island.   Our tour to Spain, Portugal and Morocco in September will also be amazing. Such great opportunities to sing everywhere we go.  Please get onto booking your place on these tours as soon as you can. You will find the information on both tours on our website. Please feel free to bring non-Sing Australia guests on either tour.

Our National Gathering in Adelaide. I will also be getting onto the arrangements for the National Gathering as soon as we get back.    That’s just a glimpse of 2024.

Margaret and Mardi join me in wishing you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR. May it bring you much joy and happiness, good health and prosperity. May it bring you your heart’s desire.

PS    Rather than posting a photo of singing I am posting a photo of one of my recent paintings which I have named ‘Optimism’.  It depicts exploding energy working and expanding collaboratively and harmoniously emanating from a single source of hope.

Colin Slater OAM CF   Founder and National Director 


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If you have an enquiry, please email info@singaustralia.com.au, do not complete the joining form unless you are ready to join and begin paying your membership fee.

Welcome to Sing Australia

When you join a Sing Australia group, you are welcomed with open arms and ears to sing in any way you are able. We believe that singing is for everybody who has a voice – it s a primal expression connecting us to each other, our history, our stories, our struggles, our memories and our future hopes. Every voice is beautiful and is cherished in Sing Australia. Studies have shown that singing releases endorphins that can give us energy and lower stress levels and that singing together contributes to our experience of wellbeing, social inclusion and connection. Your Sing Australia group connects you to others in your community, giving you the opportunity to build new friendships and support networks. In Sing Australia, we value and promote these health and wellbeing benefits and believe we can be a great source of positivity, health and joy in your life.