Sing Australia continues to press on with its encouraging and promising message. We are half way through the year and we have been out in the community bringing cheer and positivity in an ever-increasing world of doom and gloom.  To all the Leaders and members thank you so much. Remember bright lights always show in darkness. The joy you bring literally saves lives.  Isn’t it great to see a smiling face in the audience when we sing. It is such a special connection.  You just know that the power of a song and the conviction in which it is sung is like ‘medicine’. A song is a bright light!

We have such a great repertoire of songs. We know that some people will find our songs to be old but you know what? Lets face it – so are some of us, but we still have a fire in our belly? Too right we have, and we must always remember a good song is good song. It keeps us vibrant and strong. How about those inspiring and encouraging words firmly planted in our hearts from that very well-loved song.  You’ll easily guess the one I am referring to. You know it! It calls us to must remember to hold our heads high and not to be afraid of the dark. It urges us to press on, sometimes requiring patience and trust to look for the golden sky at the end of the storm and most promising of all ‘the sweet silver song of a lark’. We sing lots of songs with that kind of profound message of hope and encouragement.  Keep ‘em going, I say. They are for the ages – all ages! We can never lose sight of the essence and importance of singing.

In Sing Australia you’ll never walk alone.  Do you know we have sung for around 300 gigs so far this year. That is super wonderful.  It’s a special year for us when we can have the privilege and opportunity to prepare for a new generation of Sing Australia. All of us who have contributed in some way since we started back in 1998 or those who have just joined Sing Australia we have an organisation that can really help us though the doom and gloom. We all know singing is the answer.   All the best everyone and thank you for all the great work you do.

Best wishes

Colin Slater OAM CF, Founder and National Director, Sing Australia

PS  The photo is of the fabulous Sing Australia Street Parade at the National Gathering in Echuca in 2003.

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Welcome to Sing Australia

When you join a Sing Australia group, you are welcomed with open arms and ears to sing in any way you are able. We believe that singing is for everybody who has a voice – it s a primal expression connecting us to each other, our history, our stories, our struggles, our memories and our future hopes. Every voice is beautiful and is cherished in Sing Australia. Studies have shown that singing releases endorphins that can give us energy and lower stress levels and that singing together contributes to our experience of wellbeing, social inclusion and connection. Your Sing Australia group connects you to others in your community, giving you the opportunity to build new friendships and support networks. In Sing Australia, we value and promote these health and wellbeing benefits and believe we can be a great source of positivity, health and joy in your life.