Dreams by Colin Slater


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A beautiful selection of mostly Australian songs, including “Australia for Me” (written by John Michael Howson, music by Bruce Rowland).

‘Dreams’ is “the culmination of many years of collaboration between Colin Slater and Bruce Rowland. ‘Dreams’ highlights life’s aspirations, hopes, the ‘might have been’ and the ‘could be’, the disappointments, successes and loves. Some of the Australian songs evoke memories of Colin’s youth living on the land and the people he has met…’Dreams’ is a collection of songs to become immersed in, to sing along with and thoroughly enjoy…”

Tracks: Australia for Me – Country Fellows – Night Train – The Never Never Land – Cootamundra Wattle – The Shears Go Click – Clancy of the Overflow – Tenterfield Saddler – Waratah and Wattle – Six Ribbons – The Last Farewell – The Olive Tree – Please Don’t Ask Me – Perhaps Love – The Gift of Song